Trade Show Training

We'll Teach You the Tricks of the Trade (Show)!

After drawing an excited, intrigued mob of potential customers to your booth, does your staff know where to take it from there? Can they cultivate leads, transitioning to sales? Are they engaging clients, forging relationships quickly? Do they create instant credibility for your service or product?

Working a booth is a type of live marketing in a unique selling environment that requires certain skills to capitalize on opportunities. With our years of experience specializing in trade shows, we know exactly what it takes to turn crowds into qualified leads. And the number one way to improve your ROI is through a knowledgeable, well-equipped booth staff.

Boothmanship 101

What will your booth staff learn through our trade show training service? We'll show you what it takes to make real connections with clients, how to pre-qualify leads to close sales efficiently, and recognizing subtleties in body language and actions. Working with our trade show magicians will have your booth staff making magic in no time!

Our trade show training focuses on:

  • • Working the Booth
  • • Pre-Qualifying Leads
  • • How to Engage New Prospects
  • • Recognizing 'Unmotivated' Attendees
  • • The Best Giveaways for your Booth
  • • Making Real Connections with Customers
  • • Giving the 'Elevator Pitch'
  • • Body Language, Approachability, Energy Level
  • • Building Instant Credibility with Clients
  • • Lead Generation

Our trade show training program provides your staff with the specific skills needed to succeed in the chaos of a busy trade show. Your staff is the most integral part of your booth’s ROI. Once we’ve drawn the crowd, the knowledge and skills we’ve equipped your staff with will translate to leads and sales!

Make sure you’re not letting another quality lead pass you by – give us a call to learn more about our trade show services!