Trade Show Entertainment

Make Your Competitors Disappear!

Attending a trade show is a significant commitment of time and resources for your company. With so much invested in your booth, getting your company's message seen and heard must be a top priority. Otherwise, your resources are wasted towards a marginal ROI.

Trade Show Doctors are more than a bag of tricks. Our trade show presenters know how to create a presence, raise the excitement and anticipation of crowds, and most importantly, deliver your message in a meaningful and memorable way. In fact, we're so poised in our ability to generate leads for your business, we guarantee a 25% increase in leads, or your money back!

Booth attendees enjoy the entertainment, but they're looking for information first and foremost. Our trade show magic and mindreading draws enthusiastic, captivated audiences that're focused on our performer’s next move, setting the stage for your message to be heard loud and clear. This is the most unique, customized trade show marketing experience around!

Types of Trade Show Performances

Depending on the industry and trade show, certain forms of trade show entertainment are more successful in generating leads than others. Our trade show magicians are comfortable with crowds and performance stages both large and small, with diverse illusions and tricks suited to audiences of any size.

  • Aisle-View Performances
    Whether you're working a small in-line space or an island booth, we offer trade show entertainment suited for closer, more personal settings. Audiences can connect with our trade show presenters face-to-face, where your staff will have the opportunity to qualify leads and close sales. The beauty of aisle-view booths is once a small crowd gathers, the whole show takes notice!
  • Theatre-Style Performances
    If you have a large presentation space to work with, we save our biggest and best illusions for this stage. These large scale tricks quickly become the talk on the floor, and new attendees will be crowding the stage for the next show to begin. This is the grand stand where we'll not only enchant the audience with our illusions, but your company's message will come across loud and clear.

Check Out A Past Performance!

What makes a Trade Show Doctors performance magical? Experience one of our live performances, and witness our trade show magician’s wizardry in generating leads!