Customized Scripting

Unique Performances for Your Unique Business

Every company we work with is unique and each has their own distinct goals or ideas of success.

Differentiating your business is vital on a trade show floor with hundreds of other competitors competing for the same leads you are. That's why each of our trade show performances are carefully crafted through customized scripting.

Customize Your Live Marketing Performance

Before any trade show appearance, the Trade Show Doctors will learn everything there is to know about your business, along with the key message you'd like the audience to remember.

Once we understand your goals and expected ROI, we integrate your product, service, and message organically into one of our live marketing performances. Our trade show magicians seamlessly add your business into their shows to highlight your company's features and competitive advantages. You'd be amazed at how much information booth attendees retain about your business through one of our spellbinding presentations!

A custom script will build credibility with your audiences, recognizing your company’s professional approach in providing a complete trade show entertainment experience. An entire trade show marketing performance built around your company is impossible for attendees to forget!

Work with our trade show presenters and get started on your company's customized script now! Gain instant credibility and qualified leads with this interactive form of trade show marketing, while highlighting the competitive advantages and features of your business.

Don't wait for leads to vanish in a puff of smoke - capture traffic with a spellbinding custom live marketing presentation today!

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