Trade Show Services

What We Bring to Your Booth

  • Trade Show Training
    We've worked at hundreds of trade shows - we train your staff on working the booth, drawing in attendees, prospecting, and maximizing your lead generation during the show.
  • Trade Show Entertainment
    What's the best way to captivate a crowd? Magic! A Trade Show Doctor's performance is an exhibition the entire trade show will take notice of and be drawn to. Make your competitors disappear!
  • Customised Scripting
    Our live performances are all original and customized to deliver your message in the most exciting and interactive approach possible. Attendees will be entertained and engaged with our presenters, while taking away exactly what your business is about. We’ll make leads appear out of thin air!

More About Our Trade Show Services

Trade Show Training

Magicians are never supposed to reveal their tricks - but we're willing to overlook the code to ensure your staff is generating leads and closing sales!

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Trade Show Entertainment

Our trade show magic creates eager, fascinated onlookers that’re focused on our performer's next move, setting the stage for your company's message to be heard loud and clear. This is the most unique, customized trade show entertainment experience around!

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Customized Scripting

We'll implement your product, service, and message organically into one of our live marketing performances. You'd be amazed at how much information booth attendees retain about your business through one of our spellbinding presentations!

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Trade shows take diligent planning and execution to make your investment and appearance worthwhile. Don't wait till the last minute - ensure your team and booth is firing at full efficiency, call us today!

We cover all of your trade show entertainment needs, supported by our variety of trade show services. Whether your booth staff needs trade show training, or you're looking for a unique performance to differentiate your booth from the competition, we have the skills and experience to reach your goals and ROI.

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