Meet the Amazing Trade Show Doctors!

The Trade Show Doctors team is comprised of a select few corporate magicians who set the standard in trade show marketing. Their expertise as both performers and live marketing professionals make them the ideal presenters to represent your business at your next trade show.

Meet our trade show magicians below!

Richard Steele

After hundreds of successful trade shows, and an even greater number of insistent clients, Richard Steele started Trade Show Doctors in order to provide companies with the exceptional trade show marketing service and ROI they seek.

Putting together a diverse team of live marketing gurus and trade show magicians, he's consistently proven there's no better way to promote a brand than trade show entertainment.

Richard has over a decade of experience in trade show magic, mindreading and drawing in spellbound crowds. As our resident trade show marketing expert, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, and Google have all called on Steele's services for continual, proven trade show ROI and lead generation. He doesn't need to read your mind to know exactly what your purpose is at a trade show (though he can do that too).

Richard is responsible for manufacturing thousands of sales over his career, totaling in the excess of $100,000,000 USD for clients!

The Team

Richard is backed by the Trade Show Doctors team, hand-picked gurus in both lead generation and live marketing strategy. While some of our trade show performers are more adept illusionists than mind readers, or vice versa, they’re all equally skilled at educating companies in generating leads and attaining a solid ROI for clients.

With over 40 years of trade show experience combined, our team has worked for some of the most well-recognized brands in the world. Their trade show training services are in constant demand. As trade show presenters, each member has the rare ability to convey your message in a lively, genuine performance, making our team one of the most approachable in the business.

Mind reading and sleight of hand may be our calling cards, but there’s no deception in the results we’ll bring to your trade booth and business!

Pick a magician, any magician! Each of our trade show magicians brings their own exceptional talents and tricks to your booth. Regardless of who you choose, we guarantee lead generation, a great ROI, and trade show entertainment you've never experienced before!

Don't hesitate to book any one of our trade show live presenters - their services are in constant demand, so act fast!

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